Free Agent Draft

The 2018 NGL Free Agent Draft is just around the corner, and you may be wondering how you can track your team's moves – or even who they might be picking – over the next month. Wonder no more, as we've got all the basics covered for you right here:

For fans who may not know precisely how the process works, here is a breakdown everything you need to know heading into the Free Agent Draft.

Understanding the Basics

The NGL Free Agent Draft is similar to any other professional sports draft and provides an opportunity for NGL clubs to acquire new, young talent through three rounds of selections. The selection order will be determined by an official league draft lottery, which will be held at a to be determined date. Potential draft selectees are comprised of players who have finished out their NCAA career or have forfeited their collegiate pursuits in hopes of making it pro.

Immediately following the Draft, the NGL free agency period officially begins. During this time, teams can add any players to their rosters who have completed their college eligibility, as well as young and international players who have not already been selected.

Each of the twelve NGL clubs will participate in the NGL Free Agent Draft. No teams will be able to hold more than one pick in the round, while others may not choose any due to trading purposes, except for the first round no clubs are allowed to trade away their first-round selection.

Starting in June of 2018 the league began conducting Regional Player Combines to assist in the player evaluation process the combines allowed for many young prospects to showcase their skills. Each player that has participated in a Regional Player Combine has been entered into the draft; also players that have submitted an official Draft Entry Form have been placed into the draft. NGL clubs will only be selecting players that have attended a league Region Player Combine or submitted a league Draft Entry Form.

Fans will be able to tune in live to watch the 2018 NGL Free Agent Draft on

Guarantee Contract

It's important to note that players who are selected in the first-round of the NGL Free Agent Draft 2018 will have a portion of rookie contract guaranteed.