Wildcats Fit into the City of Influence

by UFL Staff

ATLANTA, GA-- A city of influence may best state Atlanta's meaning to modern American culture. A local minister led the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. To being the city where Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's Major League Baseball all-time home run record. Atlanta has always been at the forefront of cultural influence. 

With the understanding of what Atlanta has meant to American culture, UFL officials had the challenge of finding a team moniker and colors that would quantify such a rich legacy. Finally, the league decided on the Wildcats for the "City of Culture." The wild cats can survive in the wild alone with cleverness and fearlessness matching the zeal of Atlanta. The team colors for the franchise will be gold and black, with the gold representing the shiny light Atlanta has been as the economic power of the south. The black represents the strength and pursuit of change by civil rights leaders like Dr. King and John Lewis. 

Atlanta has been a place of influence and transformative history. And the UFL is hoping the city can be just as instrumental in the league's history. 

The Atlanta Wildcats will take the field on Saturday, March 4th, against the Charleston Pirates in Charleston, South Carolina representing Atlanta. 

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